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Welcome to The Brandeis Parents' Association lunch program for the 2022-2023 school year!

Lunch registration is for N2 through 8th grade.

PA Dues play a large part in the success of the Parents' Association. It takes a village and we need the support of our parent body through dues and volunteer opportunities. This year all families participation in the lunch program will be required to join the membership level of the PA.  There is an opportunity to upgrade your dues and join the Supporter level.  With the Supporter level you will receive a mini calendar, your name included in the Rosh Hashana and Purim scroll, and discounted admissions to certain family events.  Your support through dues helps with the continued success of the activities, events, programs. and staff gifts throughout the year. 

The first lunch semester will begin on September 12, 2022 and will end January 26, 2023.  The second lunch semester will begin January 30, 2023 and will end June 21, 2023.  Reminders will be sent to register for lunch. 

There have been some slight changes to each day's lunch options.  Central Perk to our lunch programs on Monday. Tuesday is Chinese food from Stop Wok and Roll as well as additional choices from Traditions, Wednesday is from Gotta Getta Bagel, Thursday from Traditions and Pizza Fridays from David's Pizza. Sushi from Stop Chop and Roll is offered Monday through Thursday. 

As always the following applies:
- Refunds/cancellations are not provided if your child is not in school for sickness, day off, vacation etc.
- Please contact us if you need to make changes to your child's menu.  We will do our best to accommodate.  Please note requests must be made by Thursday the week before.  Changes can not be made the same week.
- Unexpected school closure will result in lunch credit for that period.

We look forward to a healthy, safe and delicious school year!

Thank You,

Esther DeMarco (917-597-6963)

Elana Lederman (516-668-2178)


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